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Ted Wilson Awards 2023

Updated: Apr 11

At the Cricklade Cafe club on 17th May Kerry Hartman (that's me) received the Ted Wilson Award ‘for outstanding service to Parkinson’s UK Swindon Branch’ and a Certificate of Appreciation from PUK ‘for contributions to the local Parkinson’s community. For setting up and running a local group (Parkies Pals), organising activities and fundraising.


I am still overwhelmed with the presentation and the fact that so many considered my efforts worthy of ‘outstanding’ accolades. I am delighted that the Parkies Pals ethos is recognised as a symbol of support and friendship to anyone living with Parkinsons or has any interest in this condition. Local groups are so important, providing a safe, relaxing space for people to share experiences, pick up information, enjoy a cuppa, cake, chat and laugh. No one has to be alone with Parkinsons.

Thank you Kerry

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