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I am Kerry Hartman and I live in Shrivenham village with my family. I have always kept generally fit and healthy, completing powerwalking marathons and several ‘race for life’ walks raising funds for Cancer charities. I am a keen cyclist with no major health issues. In 2013 I felt as if my righthand side was slipping down and right hand starting clawing when I walked, I was concerned it may be a stroke! It started to affect my writing, speech and it was uncomfortable to sit for long which affected my work as a School Office Manager.

After seeing a specialist for rheumatism over 3 years and having brain and body scans with no satisfactory result I was eventually sent to a Neurologist. Following a DAT scan, which looks at dopamine levels specifically, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in April 2017, aged 56. This dispelled the myth that it is only an ‘old person’s’ disease! I knew little of this condition except for seeing Michael J Fox, Billy Connolly and Muhammed Ali, who have helped raise the profile to some extent, and the image of shaking and immobility. I have soon learnt that there are so many versions of Parkinson’s, effecting people of all ages and in different ways but the common advice is take the meds and keep moving! I am very fortunate to have an amazingly supportive family and an incredible circle of friends who help keep me motivated and mobile. 



Originally ‘Parkies Pals’ was the team name I created to register for entry in the 25K Wye Valley Challenge (August 2018), where 6 amazing Pals walked with me to raise over £3300. A major achievement for my condition and a fabulous feat of strategic planning by the team.

In my determination to raise awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s I have developed this logo and branding as recognisable symbols of teamwork, friendship and support to raise awareness of this condition and raise funds to aid more research and support services. Funds raised go to Parkinson’s UK and the Swindon Parkinson’s group, both are very supportive of Parkies Pals activities. Our fundraising total at April 2023 was over £17700.

The idea of Parkies Pals is to unite people with and without PD in support and friendship whilst raising awareness of this most frustrating and debilitating condition through café meet ups, fundraising and sponsored events.

Contact me to find out more and check out the blog section for news of events: Kerry Hartman

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Read Parkinson's inspired poetry in 'Crazy Little Thing Called LIFE!' and 'Poetry in Slow Motion'

Look at the powerful Parkinson's portrait and treat yourself to some coasters which tell the tale.

Please contact me at

or via our FaceBook page.

All donations will go to the Parkinson's Swindon Activity Group to help fund resources and activities to support the local community.

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