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Parkinson's Awareness Week

April 11th - 17th 2021

Life is full of symbols. Logos and branding are used by charities and businesses alike to promote their cause, service or interest and overtime can become instantly recognisable on local, national or even global scale. I developed the Parkies Pals symbol to promote caring, friendship and support for those with Parkinson’s and it is becoming a familiar sight locally thanks to your support. Parkinson’s UK are very aware of our activities and the logo is starting to appear to a wider audience help spreading awareness of this frustrating and debilitating condition.

April 11th was World Parkinson’s Awareness Day. The birthdate of English surgeon, James Parkinson who first described the condition. Perhaps less well known is the fact that the worldwide symbol of Parkinson’s is the tulip after a Dutch horticulturist developed a red and white tulip and named it Parkinson’s in 1980.

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