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Parkies Portrait

We are very fortunate to have a very talented artist in our group. Derelys Campbel painted this amazing portrait entitled Parkinson's Mask, a very expressive and emotive piece of art.

The Story behind the Painting

Derelys painted ‘Parkinson’s Mask’ in 2007 to express her anger at being diagnosed with Parkinson’s and through the painting she seeks to try and show others what the

condition does to a person.

She started with the face with a fixed expression as one of the more typical effects of Parkinson’s is the ‘frozen face’ look as the facial muscles stiffen. The facial image can be seen as male or female as Parkinson’s is certainly no discerner of gender. There is a symbol of a child without great detail as it is rare, but sadly not unheard of, for young children to be diagnosed.

The muted colours in the main portrait signify the depressing feeling as the weight of Parkinson’s hangs on the shoulders. The image of the lady with sloping shoulders emphasises this depressed state. The boxes represent the lost dopamine, leaving partially empty and blank squares as the ‘happy cells’ deplete. However, Derelys adds shimmering wisps of colour emanating outwards, leaving a feeling of hope as every cloud has a silver lining and life goes on, even with Parkinson’s.

Coasters for sale

If you would like a Parkinson's Mask coaster which comes with a leaflet with the story of the artist and the painting please contact Kerry Hartman at

Cost per coaster £3.50 or £6 for 2 . I can deliver locally by hand or postage will be additional £1

Thank you for your support

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