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Christmas Cheers with Parkies Pals

Come along and join in Tuesday 5th December 2023

Shrivenham Park Golf Club 10am - 12noon

The Parkinson’s Christmas Party

Is the celebration of the year!

We may be slow to start things off

And get into our party gear!

But get the music started,

We can certainly pick up the beat.

With our own version of rock n roll

Known as ‘shake and shuffling’ feet!

Set up the Christmas stage,

And strike up the festive band.

Plenty of tambourines and jingle bells,

(Other instruments may need a steadier hand!)

We can crack jokes with no hint of a smile,

We can play poker with a frozen straight face!

We can provide you with great cocktails,

Shaken not stirred at our own unique pace!

We may not be able to smell the Christmas turkey

Or to appreciate the fragrance of the pine!

But we can shake sugar over mince pies

And enjoy a glass of festive wine!

Don’t let Parkinson’s spoil your Christmas,

Enjoy special time with those you hold dear,

And raise a glass in cheers and good wishes.

Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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